Lyrics to Good Feelings
Good Feelings Video:
When do you get back home?
Friday! (Friday, Friday)
No, don't say that!

Question: Can a stupid call only would when you only wake up post meridian?
Afternoon doesn't have a ring to it
Dumb questions that are posed ad infinitum
It's the Mary Jane iron and the wrankles in my brainum
That are tag part of Johnny Walker, they be killin' 'em
Killin' me rather, but I luv to chill with 'em
Hit my 20s before I had the chance to bail wid her
Guess who in the room, it's Castle and his faithful steed
In fig fan foom
Got Larry to the mine mentality
Jump through broom with the big face groom
They tell me I should consume
Consume, consume, that is bullshit
You might need it!
Here's some padded undies for your wife
And some pills for your penis!
I wrote this while watching the air commercial
Yeah? Yeah, I can tell
So pardon if my scribe is a little scrappy
Hoe, I'm sippin' on my eighth cup of coffee
Skeemin' on this money like Ponzey
Not really, I just thought that line sounded cool
If it were a leather jacket and some shades, it'd be the Fonsey
Good feelin', used to be a wall flower like Jacob Dyllan
Stomach like a cauldron for a witches breed
Bearing shrums got me trippin'
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