Lyrics to Good, Not Great
Good, Not Great Video:
Feelin' kinda punk.
Maybe cause it's good, not great.
You say I never think to say this or that like you told
Think you're gonna set you free.
Perhaps you have forgotten it's been firmly documented and admitted that it's not about
Me me me me me me me me me.
(Yeah, and we all know it)

You can look it up;
Fight number forty-seven.
Chapter two, section three.

Here we go again
Take you down the track again
You say I never like to talk gotta fidget move around cannot sit for just three secs.
Have you considered that I just might have the OCD or ADD? Please pass me the DSM.
And how 'bout a little compassion while we're at it.

You want verse again.
Please refer to forty-seven.
Chapter two, section three.
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