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Lyrics to Gonzales
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It's like someone balled up their fist and shove it down my throat
pulled out my heart and squeezed it dry of human faith and hope
and that's just me, I'm on the outside observing crimes perpetrated against the underserving

I can't even begin to understand your fucking pain
corrosive venom seeping down through these hierarchies of blame
a pious system protecting the culprit what kind of god would endorse this bullshit?

so now I'm waiting for them to fail and they will fail me in that as well
if this is what it means to be saved I would much rather go to hell

I can't shake the feeling it's stupid believing something so corrupted and deceiving
If you're really working for a better day how come so many people fall in your way?

and now you're waiting for them to fail but they will fail me in that as well
now it's too late for you to be saved because you've already been to hell
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