Lyrics to Gonna go crazy
Gonna go crazy Video:
I'm lookin for my lover
but she just can't be found
I'm gonna go crazy
I thought I'd find the answer
but she just ain't around
I'm gonna go crazy
I won't let her take me down...

I'm gonna go crazy
I'm gonna get sad
if somethin don't happen
I'm goin down fast
I'm gonna go mad, mad, mad

She looked just like heaven
but the earth got in the way
I'm gonna go crazy
She said I'm crazy anyway
try and be with someone
who don't do a thing you say
It's drivin me crazy
a hellhound's on its way...


Tryin to find somebody's
worse that tryin to find yourself
I'm gonna go crazy
don't you wish you were someone else?
I'm bookin up to Memphis
find me someone new
and really go crazy
take me right out of the blue...

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