Gone With The Wind Lyrics


Don't Tread On Me

Lyrics to Gone With The Wind
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You're fat and ugly and you don't care, You got a beer back and greasy hair
You always talk and you never shut up, And worst of all you always beat me up

{You're Ignorant, You're Ignorant, You're a piece of shit
You're Ignorant, You're Ignorant, You middle class twit
You're Ignorant, You're Ignorant, We treat you like a joke
You're Ignorant, You're Ignorant, And worst of all you're broke}

You never had the girl that you always brag, You fuck little boys you stupid fag
You once had a friend but you stabbed him in the back, And worst of all, you smoke crack


You got taffy duck tattooed on your ass, You see the world through the bottom of a beer glass
The 8 foot tires on your pick up truck, Show you're still in 8th grade you redneck schmuck!
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