Lyrics to Gone
Gone Video:
Go see what its like to be with another guy
Go drive and find yourself another life
You say you don't need me
So baby, just leave me
'Cause all of us push and pull it in the ride

But before you go and blow off everything we had
Remember there are something's that you can never take back

You're gonna miss me
When I'm gone
You're gonna feel what it feels like
To be lonely and alone
When you see that I'm happy
On my own

It's when you're
Never seen it grow
Baby then you'll know
That you've never
Should'ved walked away
You made a big mistake
I'll be gone, gone, gone, gone
I'll be gone, gone, gone

What's gonna happen when you hear I'm out with someone else
And you know that she has got me now
Baby, you're sorry, but then I won't be sorry
'Cause I see what you put me through come back around

So before you go and blow off everything we had
You better stop and realize that you'll never get me back



So the doors open wide
But mine is soon closing
So if you think I'm gonna sit here waiting
You better think again
You better think again


(Thanks to Claudia for these lyrics)
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