Lyrics to Gone
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You pack my bags I feel already gone I've had to watch your silent face moving round the house It's been several days, you can really shut me out I draw up my thoughts to find a way to say Something mending us, you shrug and then you turn away You pack my bags I feel already gone It's like you pushed me with your hand and I was pointing forward I could've been blindfold and I'd know where the door was I had to step aside, I had to be perfect I had to hold your hand anticipate and second guess And would you wipe it out with that much distaste Take it from your heart, the hands, the lips, the mouth, the taste It is more than hurt I can't communicate What you leave me with the ache, the ache, the ache You pack my bags I feel already gone Like the countries that seem to shuffle into war The way its lining up baby we've been here before We never took the time for no diplomacy How am I supposed to know what you're not telling me When I'm standing here with my rugged choir You can't hurt me now I'm holding all the wires Calling down to you with a grateful sigh Thank you baby, you have sent me high You pack my bags I feel already gone Already gone already gone Yeah I'm gone You pack my bags and now I'm gone Now I'm gone...

Songwriters: GRUSIN, DAVE
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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