Gone In The Night Lyrics


No Place To Run

Lyrics to Gone In The Night
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Honey kick your shoes off now
And stay another night
Let's not talk too seriously
We don't wanna fight
Now I don't care about your reputation
Or how you got it made
All I want is for you to stay
Don't want a charade

(1) And the lights go down
Who you with tonight
It ain't so easy holding on
Everything you seem to do babe
Just turns out so wrong
You're gone in the night
You're gone in the night
You 're gone in the night

People try to tell you now
About responsibilities
Those married-me do's and don'ts
How it ought to be
But I don't care what they say
Don't wanna hear what's true
As long as you want me baby
You know I need you

(Repeat (1) )
Songwriters: PETE WAY, PHIL MOGG
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