Gone Either Way Lyrics

Ray Scott

My Kind Of Music

Lyrics to Gone Either Way
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You can lay right here beside me like there ain't nothin' wrong
Kill the light and say goodnight and turn the TV off
Act as if I don't know what it is that you can't find the words to say
Baby, you can leave or you can stay, you're gone either way

We could share the bed and share the rent, but this house ain't a home
If I'm gonna be lonely, I'd just as soon be alone
How can you say you love me when you can't even look me in the face
Stay right here or disappear without a trace, you're gone either way

I don't need the hurt from hangin' on
To someone who's got one foot out the door
And I can't waste another minute of my love
If you don't love me anymore

Repeat Chorus

I don't know why you sit here with me, we both know the truth
You're just worried 'bout what leavin' me would make people think of you
It don't matter what your Mama or you Daddy or your preacher's got to say
Girl, you could hit that door or waste another day, what kinda difference would it make
You're gone either way
Girl, you're gone either way
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