Lyrics to Gone, Bye
Gone, Bye Video:
Try to tell me how to live
What to do
What to think
never be what you want me to be
ive tried, ive tried but you don't see
All you've ever done is complain
You talk and talk its all the same
Empty words falling on deaf ears
What you say is meaningless
i've got a mind thanks for your tip
Empty words falling on deaf ears
Save it for someone who fucking cares
When I looked around could barely see in front of me struggling just to stay afloat
When I looked for you where did you go?
I told you so you'd come and go
fleeting like the wind
All your words are gone
All you said
Kept me looking back
Not moving on
So much has changed been replaced since you moved on
left me here to find my way
now that you've gone
you're holding on to the past
but I moved on I moved on
how about you?
You can't change what's inside me/Ill decide what's best for me
What's best for me
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