Lyrics to Goldmarie / Dazwischen 9
Goldmarie / Dazwischen 9 Video:
Shine on me with clearness,
strenghen me to martyious deeply to cross the field,
deeply to span the sea,
deeply they're passing me.
I'm free to pass away on a clear day.

The root, the root, the root is on desire.
The mood, the mood, cut up with that tangle.
It seems to you, I'm far far away.
I'm here to stay and tell those stories.

A true, a true love flame
I'm whole again when you're the same.
A true, a true love flame with you, I'm whole again.
Inside I hear you callin, shorten my weakness if I'm gone astray.
Light in the cellphone through the night, just talk again.
So few I have a station to stay, you're not in the way a sort of pain
were get of this momenth, the moment I get you keep on again.

Shine on me with clearness
Strenghten me to martyious
deeply across the fiel
deeply to span the sea
deeply they re passin me.
I'm free to pass away on a clear day

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