Lyrics to Gold
Gold Video:
imagine if you can
photographs lining the walls of a room
that wont stay in turn
just keeps on spinning me around
asking how much do i love the sound
of discontent
it's written on these cigarettes

every night they crawl up from under my bed
and promise me
every thing will be just fine
if i swallow that fist full of pills

i'm caught up in this room of mine
i can't seem to fine one picture i like
oh they all scream the same thing
just replicas of who i thought i was
or who i am going to be
some pre-adult adolescent
learning to sing himself to sleep
so he wont think

stand back and look at
the marks i made today
they're so straight
and organized
perfectly carved onto my arms
cut with close percision
to pretty to be called reasons
they are just excuses
and they are just as useless as
i am to the voices that shout in my house
maybe i should listen to them
after all
they're the ones that pulled me out
i'm the one night after night

i'm caught up in this room tonight
i can't seem to find one reason why
i'm so stupid and clueless
and used to the music
that makes up my life
oh if i could find the time
to tell someone i'm bleeding from the inside
and can't get myself back out

you might think i'm making all this up
but to tell you the truth
i really wish i was
i really wish i was
making this up

imagine if you can
a voice so lost he doesn't know which way to turn
the left and the right get mixed up in the absence
of sunlight
just keeps fucking him up
he's got the long range advantage
act happy and never let them
see your fists
they won't know you'll do it
and you've got the pills
to prove it

i'm caught up in this life of mine
i can't seem to find one reason why
i should try and stay alive
in fear that i might find
someone whos bodies just as warm as mine
but this bottle looks bigger
and better than ever
all thats left to do
is swallow whats inside
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