Lyrics to Gold Against The Soul
Gold Against The Soul Video:
Somebody told me to vote Conservative
Tragedy is not known under this dimmest of lights
Everybody feels sick by the courtesy of dismay
Was I schooled without direction
Gold against the soul
Rock n' roll has a conscience
It supplies convenience
Gold against
Against the soul
Against the soul
Close the pits sanctify Roy Lynk and O.B.E.
Shareholding a piece of this fucking country
Fossilize - make Yorkshire into a tourist resort
And dream of new ways to humble the poor
Gold against the soul
White liberal hates slavery
Needs Tai labour to clean his home
Gold erodes
Erodes the soul
Erodes the soul
A 1000 Marlboro deaths ignored everyday
And who gives a shit about sexuality
Gold against the soul
Working class cliches start here
Either cloth caps or smack victims
Gold destroyed
Destroyed the soul
Destroyed the soul

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