Going To Your Funeral Part I Lyrics


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Lyrics to Going To Your Funeral Part I
Going To Your Funeral Part I Video:
Going to your funeral now and feeling I could scream Everything goes away Driving down the highway through the perfect sunny dream A perfect day for perfect pain. Look at all the people with the flowers in their hands They put the flowers on the box that's holding all the sand that was... That was once... That was once you Honolulu Hurricane I knewthat you were not insane Living in the insane world Smiling like it's no big deal Scabby wounds that never heal The woman was only a girl Look at all the people with their heads down in their hands When everything I'm feeling makes it hard to understand that, uh What I need to miss... It's what I need to miss...Is you Going to your funeral and I'm feeling like a fool No one's gonna take the blame Thinking 'bout the days of hanging out behind the school Everything goes away

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