Lyrics to Going Home
Going Home Video:
Everybody's going out
All trying to resist
All fire shots
And I'm trying to resist
I had a long day though
I'm trying to forget
So bring on the first
I'm trying to make it to the fifth
And the room starts spinning
And I'm with a couple of women
And I'm glad that I'm with them
And they fine as fuck
I don't know which one gon' get the job done
So I'll take all three
Goin' line 'em all up
Yup, this the life
All leaned up with a twist of Sprite
And now it's obvious that this my vice
Oddly enough, believe the hype
I hope I don't miss the times I spent
I don't want this night to end
And I don't really know where this road gon' go
But I hope I end up anywhere but home

So tonight's the night
Nights like this are what I like in life
But just took two things of the Mike 'n' Ikes
Now I'm feeling like a million
The price is right
I hope I get alright
Telling me to slow down
Before I crash on site
I'm doing fine, you can save your advice

See I ain't going home tonight
And I ain't going home tonight
And we ain't going home tonight

What more can I say?
I'm already cultured
Made it in the game full of lames and vultures
It's safe to say I'm the next threat since success
Getting sucked in excess
I love it
I threw my morals out the window
Only trust chicks that I meet through Kimbo
Jumping on the bandwagon late
Just catching on, sorry I been dope
But it is what it is
Celebrate life so we drink like fish
And it seems like my body is telling me to quit
Then a model told me I should live with no regrets
I'mma make this party
Take it up another step
Bring a couple bottles and let's drink 'till nothing left
I start, you follow me
Some mistakes, worry about it all tomorrow

I'm trying to slow my pace up
Because I've been up for days
This isn't the first time it's occurred
And now my life has changed
She only like me 'cause my fame
But honestly it's what I deserve
So I'm caught up in this thing
These girls, they look the same
And I can't tell her from her
But it's all OK, see I really can't complain
'Cause I don't know which girl I prefer
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