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Lyrics to Going Down In History
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Theres not a day that goes by
where I wish I could go back in time.
Go back in time.
Theres a feeling that I can't stand
that I know I'm gonna day.
One day I know im gonna die.

It's a feeling that your breathing,
and your on your last breathe,
and you can't hold it in anymore.
It's a feeling that your leaving,
when your not ready to go,
and theres nothing you can really do.

It's just another day.
Like any other day.

Theres never ending dreams
that we try to succeed in life.
Succeed in life.
Theres nothing to explain
the reason why we're here to live.
Why are we here?

All I really wanna do
is find a way for something new
to be remembered when I'm gone
and go down in history

(Thanks to Tennyson for these lyrics)
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