Lyrics to Goin Nowhere
Goin Nowhere Video:
I need to redirect my train of thought because this track is leading nowhere fast. Can I survive one night without a thought of you? I need to leave the past behind me and build my life back piece by piece. Becoming someone I never thought I'd be. Stranded at a loss for words. I'll never let you get the best of me so now you're on your own. We've been cut short and our connection lost. And I'm not sure I want it back. All my daily trivialities. I spit but still taste nothing but my own distain. After all this pain I don't want you back. You lead me nowhere fast, I don't want you back. So far you lead me nowhere fast. My needs mistaken for insecurities, this one way mind has gotten me no where. It's just so hard to remember who I used to be. The man I know that I could never be again. Just leave the past behind

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