Lyrics to Goes Around
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[ VERSE 1 ] Now this is a difficult subject About something that's crazy - oh, what the heck They know they have something that people don't like And they still continue to disrespect The thing I'm talkin about is an essence A foreign fragrance with a presence That you can't see with the naked eye But to the nose it's a nuisance It comes in so many forms, it's camouflaged And it will sneak upon you like espionage You might not know it cause it won't show it And you will swear it's just a mirage It can be with you when you're talkin It will be so close, you think it's hawkin With a bit of a twang it got its own slang Is even known in New York, and Everybody know what I'm sayin >From here to the Himalayan If you don't know, you must be doo-doo This is what I'm sayin About the dragon [ VERSE 2 ] I think i should go more into depth About a secret that is quiet as kept If you have it like Richochet Rabbit It can ruin your rep There are ways of preventin this Check your hygenie and your dentist You might think I'm messin, but this is a lesson Godliness is cleanliness But if you think I'm misguiding you By sayin there's somethin inside of you That bothers everybody when you're at a party And your reactions to it is: "pee you!" You're sittin there baffled and puzzled Whatever you have, you wish you was muzzled But if you want a clue, between me and you It could be the beverage you guzzle But if you listen to me The diabolical energetical B The i-z Mza-Mza-a-r-k-i-e I'm tryina give you h-e-l-p So I'ma end it off like this Before you give somebody a kiss For the one you adore, check them before You get a crazy whiff Of the dragon [ VERSE 3 ] I once knew a guy by the name of Tock He was one of them kids from like around the block The kid was cool, had the right gear, and slim The only thing was wrong, he smelled like a gym In secret tellin rumours, his right guard went left And his band was playin a song that was funky to def He was kickin like Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly Word is bond, that kid was smelly Even if he would shower and shower Or sprinkle a day, wouldn't last for a hour He would always wanna like hang around His underarms had bass with scents around I tried to tell him, but he just wouldn't listen He thought from my heart I was tryin to diss him I started beatin around the bush cause he thought I was naggin I said, "Yo Tock, you got the dragon!"

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