Lyrics to Godzilla!
Godzilla! Video:
I never wanted a spinning top
I used to swing a riding crop
I never wanted a stupid doll
I used to swing a tomahawk
Then I saw him & I was won
Godzilla - King Kong

Godzilla! he trashes cars
Godzilla! he's not from Mars
Godzilla! He'll knock you down
Godzilla! he eats big towns

I like the way he jumps up & down
I like the way he shakes the ground
He's even better when he's annoyed
He breathes out fire & makes this noise
I'd like to hold him in my palm
I'd never let him come to harm

What is that & what is this?
A giant monster but he's so sweet
When I'm in Tokyo Japan
I always think of him it's his land
The other toys are second best
To Godzilla I love him best!
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