Lyrics to GODspeed
GODspeed Video:
Hey yo, saw the writing on the wall, try to play it off
Champagne showers pain, I spray it off
From the Midwest, winter time, lay it up
Bitches cold, looking like you gonna pay or what
Looking like another night of fornication
My imperfections, I can work on being patient
Nobody knows but the Lord, blood on my swore
Borrowed time on my hands, trouble mind
Sip wine, burgundy, I know you heard of me
Indeed, it's high jacking, not a burglary
I'm numb to the dumb shit, a dumb skull
Getting scared from a synagogue, guard it, bro
I don't wanna hear shit, but to beat that pig
My sea laughing, all this counting money going crazy
Hard work, man, is easy, our niggas lazy
Fine line between foolishness and bravery
I see clear when it's hazy, my horizons broaden
Eyes wide by what I brought in surprise
Puff cigars while the sun rise
Good fellow, all my niggas wise guys
In the high raj, drunk off '
Bitches know I get the gold, Rumpelstiltskin
Say my name, yeah, say my name
Baby, say my name
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