Lyrics to Gods' Dice
Gods' Dice Video:
It?s out of my hands, making all hands meetStumble as it?s crumbling out of reachIt?s in the cards of destinyYour sanity in towDesignate my luckResignateThis power has no roots to guide, no roleTrust me, rusted minds refuse to goUnwillingness, it?s meaninglessTo walk away in vainDesignate m ywillDesignate my willResignateMy will is crashing, synapses flashing slowDays like frame by frame, where do they go?Yeah, why fight? Forget itCan?t I spend it after I go?Roll them highThrow them againAll Gods? diceMonkey driven, call this living, ha ha haToo much thought, it?s overwrought, a holeMinding yours, what?s mine, not yoursWill finish us offDesignate my lifeDesignate a viewDesignate my will, my will, my will, I willResignate my god

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