Lyrics to God Is Love
God Is Love Video:
Those folks who say that God is dead
Must see through vision dim
By vain desires and worldly sin
And God is dead to them
But my eyes searched as did my soul
Till I could plainly see
His crowning glory all around
No God's not dead to me

He lives in purple mountain tops
In valleys so serene
I hear him in a robin's song
And in a rippling stream
He lives in great majestic pines
That reach the clouds above
He's in the smile of a little child
Oh truly God is love

The beauty of a blushing rose
His gracious touch has shown
And by his hand the velvet shy
With tiny gems was strewn
A thousand ways his magic touch
Displays his works of art
He has a dwelling place with me
He lives within my heart


(Thanks to Shanda for these lyrics)
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