God Is A Real Estate Developer Lyrics

Michelle Shocked

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Lyrics to God Is A Real Estate Developer
God Is A Real Estate Developer Video:
God is a real estate developer
With offices around the nation
They say one day he'll liquidate
His holdings up on high
I say it's all speculation

He may be an absentee landlord
This may be a low rent universe
The roof may need repairs
But at least the floor is there
And the rent is not due til the first

So save one last dance for the Savior
When that final Hail Mary is said
Life is a dancehall
That's why we've got all those
Little angels dancing 'round with pinheads

The Lord Almighty Ltd
And his chosen elect
Sit on the Up on High Development Board
Quoting the Bible as they hoard
The Good Book has a new look, I suspect
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