God Is a Healer (Reprise) Lyrics

Kurt Carr

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Lyrics to God Is a Healer (Reprise)
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Sometimes life will hurt you
But remember God heals God is a healer
Sometimes weapons form against you
But they'll never prosper remember God is your shield

He is waiting for your call waiting to shield you
From your fall there's a place of rest and peace in the sanctuary

He sits waiting in the sanctuary, yes yes yes
He sits waiting in the sanctuary, yes yes

(I feel you move)
(I feel a breakthrough)
Move, right now, move, in the sanctuary
I believe there's a miracle in the sanctuary and it's waiting for me

God is a healer
So thank God for the sanctuary

Sometimes your bills can stress you
But remember God's peace He's a peace giver
Sometimes your monies runnin' low
And you're worried how you'll make it
But God will supply your need

Songwriters: KURTZ
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