Lyrics to God & I
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Jesus make me smile again Jesus make me scream again
Jesus make me laugh again teach mi how fi walk again (yeeeh) rept
(Mi go so now)


O Lord you're di only one
That's why mi holding on so long
(holding on so long
Evry time mi play mi life to my fren
Dem listen but dem neva learn mi song rept x1

My life is like a nightmare an mi future is like a dream
Mi trapped inna di middle somewhere in between
Mi flesh rise up an jus, wau create a seen
But mi ask Christ fi keep mi heart clean (yow)
More time mi tell a man a small problem
Den dung di road mi gaan guh hear dem back again
Mi naah talk bout di secret mi have fi dem
Mi have fi wanda if some a dem a friend
(den mi guh so yow)


(whey mi tell dem seh, listen mi aye)
There were times when mi feel mi coulda liv'it up
There were times when mi feel mi woulda give it up
There were times when mi feel mi woulda lie dung inna mi bed
Anuh wake up an, some body find mi dead
There were times it get so tuff mi couldn't tek nuh more
There were times mi find a room an den mi shut di door
There were times mi sey mi cry till eye water poor
An, mi a slide inna it because it flood di floor
There were times mi member David and Solomon
There were times mi member Joseph - Sarah, Abraham
There were times a realize I'm not the only one
Because di cross is di perfect demonstration


Mi look east, north, south and west
Mi nuh si nuh baddy wen I was going through di wilderness
A jus, me, an, mi pain, an, mi stress
Three a wi together an, yu get a total mess
But jus, as mi fi tek di last breath
Mi hear behind mi ... another foot step
Mi concern so mi tek a check
Mi hear a voice sey
Come onto me all ye that labour and
I will give you rest


My yolk is easy my burden is light
I want you to prosper every day and night
I die for you I take your stripe
It's alright, it's alright
It's alright, it's alright
I understand the things that you are going through
It is nothing new cause I've been there to
My own reject me even just as you
Falsely accused for things I did not do
Like Jacki Valesquez I get on my knees I realize my problem is just bun and cheese
He's here with me and He will never leave
The cross still bleed, the cross still bleed (yes)



(Thanks to Leigha for these lyrics)
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