God Has Rained A Rising Moon Lyrics


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Lyrics to God Has Rained A Rising Moon
You were the rain inside the gray,
the breath beneath the clouds.
She'd cast her sympathy away,
because she's sure she's doubtless.
She's through with wasting her eyesight on you-
staring into the sky.

I can lift the horizon if you will dive.

I will set the sun on you and I.
You and I are dancing quite a ways away.
Let the atmosphere arise
and I won't keep you waiting.
God has rained a rising moon.
So I will set the sun on you.

Shadows dance across her eyes,
and you have left her in a haze.
You bellow out confessions,
that your moonlight can't behave.
The clouds she's drawn to her have flown like the birds.
The morning is open, paying the way.

She can't let you see through the curtain.
The stars are blinking, you're losing your mind.
Do not let her ease the hurting.
The stars are dimming, you're losing your sight.
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