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Lyrics to God, Family, Country
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Sometimes I marvel at their beautiful family they
try to smile but there's too much shit on their teeth
and I marvel at their daughter's new baby girl
with two black eyes 'cause she couldn't stop crying

They thought that the house was overcrowded before
an abortion wouldn't have been half the murder of this child's life

Daddy's fists are always flying
he drinks all day and talks bullshit
he believes christ's call of capital punishment
for the crimes of homosexuality and blasphemy
mom cooks and cleans and cooks and cleans
and shuts the fuck up

They wait for the day when the tide is turned
and when for once it is them who is somebody
they save up $5.00 and hour from the new job
this land of opportunity gave them
somehow they blame non-whites and immigrants
instead of the rich for their problems

He wishes the world go 'back to basics'
a time he could hunt 'niggers'
beat his wife and kill 'faggots'
go to war and clean this country up
but right now this place is shit

To 5, bills, TV needs to be repaired
the car's fucked it takes extra hours to pay the rent
yet, somehow they manage to look at the glorious flag
and praise this country that can do no wrong
that country that look out for them
you'd better talk shit about it
that flag is your freedom
that flag is your freedom
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