Lyrics to Goatless
Goatless Video:
Before us is an empty slate
we can impress how we please
Bombard them with the usual schlock
whatever we've got up our sleeve

Teach them that violence can solve all their problems
Teach them to act on a whim

The horror the one we present is just where the horror begins...
Violent fantasy, comes reality the effect will be quite a tragedy

We'll point the finger
we'll point the finger
we'll point the finger
we'll point the finger
of blame, Before us is a twisted world
no one can work out the knots we've got
an enemy here they could be blamed for a lot

We'll say they're the problem,
we'll say they're the cause
they'll be the scapegoat now - goatless - we'd be on the spot
we can't let the truth come out If
the pressure cracks another
and they know who to come after whe'd be goatless

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