Lyrics to Go
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Slow down, I've spent another year

Waiting for the hollow of my words to hit the ground

And still my greatest fear

Is waiting for the echo to resound

If I should stay here for an hour would that be too long

And if I tire would that be so wrong


So go- I am running out of time

Something has immobilized my mind

I'm not my own

When I leave this world behind

I don't want a fantasy this time

Get up and go

Be still, theses words could be profound

Funny how they still won't make a sound- this fear can kill

And it burns me to the ground

Leaving only ashes to be found

If I had bread and I had water would this bring me life

If I still falter would that be alright

Timeless, fearless

Ageless, I want to feel this

If I should crave my own attention just to bleed it dry

But my intention is to stay alive (I'll go)



When I leave this world this time

I'm gonna leave a legacy behind

Get up and go
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