Lyrics to Go In Peace
Go In Peace Video:
You're lookin' for peace It can't be found You know it's true Peace finds you It finds you in the cold and the dark and the lonely and the filled with despair It finds you in the sick and the dying and the hurt and the crying of tears It finds you in the battle and the fighting, deep in the valley of fear And pain may never cease But I believe we go in peace You're lookin' for love And it looks like you found it It's right here right now I think we're surrounded So lift you're hands high and surrender to it's power and might Give in to it's grace and it's glory, a shinin' beautiful light Now lay down your armour, your hurt, your anger, your fright Reaching out for peace Discovering you're in the arms of love, yeah yeah yeah Go in peace So in love Go in peace So in love

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