Lyrics to Go Back
Go Back Video:
Go back, go back
We wanna go back, right?
I ain't joke here, you know?
Felt up but it still hurt
Sugar ...staring where it was
Messing with how it was if you know that he got here
But I'm here with nigga shopping in vane
That's my team I'm poping out of the basement
Take it way back like I'm outside
Living the plus life we only need one ...
Tell ém blessing way I move sad tigher
Know that the vane how's snaps in ...
Don;t have to make you remind you
That I come from the ...smash or the ..
Nigga need trash or teraphist up in the hits
One that I become for, all I do it's
Fighting for July 4th I lied the sky more
When I go, go, go back, go back, go back, go back
The worriors it's go there, magical potion
That's in less, never less
Like a showing me intro
This floor ain't disco...made you all no distroy
The disco graff DNA but low me on ..
Feeling like a winner could winters, hot summers
Throw out of ...for those out of ..
The baby so beautiful looking at the future see my word so cute in the eighty's the ninety's now you can found me
Wander what happend with you
Go back, go back, go back, go back, go back
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