Lyrics to Go Ahead
Go Ahead Video:
Forensic evidence proves
By the profile of the grooves
A serious intent
For the incident
Length and context betwixt
Start events, eventual exit

Advertising communicates
Radio players hesitate
Critical acclaim cannot explain
The extent of the sales
Or why this one pales
In comparison
In comparison with what?
You may well ask
Go ahead

"The new single after entering the chart at 75 and in receipt of increased marketing activity plus the few daytime plays on national radio has responded with increasing sales in the chart return shops reflected by next week's chart entry into the top 40 at 27 thus there has been increased daytime play which is coupled with the fact that the promotional video has been well received by all local TV producers guarantees us greater media coverage not to mention what we are doing with the publications."

"Are there any questions?"

"Gentlemen the sales force is to be congratulated on its efforts. Is there any other business? No?"
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