Lyrics to Go Ahead
Go Ahead Video:
Go ahead and be my world
And everything will be okay
Just hide there in plain sight
Too big to see, yeah to see
We’ll have coffee and watch the strangers
Gather our letters and carry us further
Diluted and faded, still safely there
Still there, still there
Go ahead, let’s plant a forest
Where we can hide when the city expels us
We can sleep in the branches
Our own little outpost in the trees
We’ll plan ahead and cut a path
So we can always sneak our way back
And line it all with grapevines and keep them well tuned
So we can run, we can run through
Let’s go ahead and grab our clothes
And walk together where the water knows us
And toss them over the edge
Into the lake and watch them sink
Let’s make a pact, set a date
Meet back up here at this same place
And maybe brim will make beds in your dresses
In your dresses, in your dresses
Go ahead and leave two notes
And place them down inside old library books
And fold back the pages
Put them back in their spaces, undisturbed
And we’ll come back and see inside
Who checked them out and if they replied
Or if they’re still there unread and unanswered
Quiet, unread and unanswered
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