Lyrics to Go Ahead
Go Ahead Video:
I don't want to be alone,
I don't want to stay in my own home,
I just want to be with you,
So I say what I say and I do what I do.

I sleep the day away and when I'm up the sun is gone.
When I do awake I trip into my dinner plate.
But I stay up late and so the day seems just as long.

As long as we are not with eachother I say
Go ahead and forget what your mother said,
Go ahead and date a rockstar, but in all likelihood
I'll never be good enough to be
A rockstar
to be without you would be
too much for me

Go ahead and come on down
We'll travel 'round this town
Go ahead and have a ball
We'll laugh at the mall, laugh at them all
together, just me and you
Me and my muse and my music
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