Lyrics to Glory's All Been Done
Glory's All Been Done Video:
And we come
From a long long ways away
From a long long ways away
But I don't know
I don't think it meant all that much
If I had it my way we'd be dead

And you're hot
You're the hottest of the hot
I know that you think that you're not
But when we first got here you were a star
In my mind you still are

We danced
We danced all night long
Round the fire
Flailing our arms
Kicking and clapping
Singing along
By the time we caught up with ourselves
Everyone had gone

We feel forever driving in thought
We dreamt together in the parking lot
The bison so faithful to nothing pulled us away
We passed through a million lives
In less than a day

Dried up roads and dried up air
Trains hot moan sun's hot glare
And a family so giving
Like the lake down the road
We all held hands and jumped in, swam to the boat

Tube tapes echoing round, well
Tweed boxes spinning out sound
Like warm steel, stealing my ears
Best things only get better given the years

Autumn leaves and cobblestone walks
Cigarettes and woven scarves
And the places let me tell you
We never thought we'd be
Everything changes but there's always you and me
I don't mean to bury our words but
God I miss those frozen mornings
With George boy
Trotting soft
You can lose sight of your love
But you know it's never lost

We're always changing
But you know it's never wrong
We'll go on singing
We'll go on singing these songs

I found myself clicking the keys
Watching my notes fall off in the breeze

The wars have all been won
And the glory's all been done
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