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Final War

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Lyrics to Glory Unending
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This cause, this struggle, this reason I exist
Surviving in a world growing ever so cold
Governmental tyranny is what I resist
The power of the White mans' will, strong and bold

Our destiny awaits us, our future's at stake
The enemy's closing in, no time to compromise
The warrior in our folk, it's time to awake
Kinfolk take heed, and uprise

Glory unending we hail the dawn
Our people have spoken today
Glory unending no breaking the bond
Victorious in every which way

Time is growing shorter, time is drawing near
Our enemies are now making their gains
White brothers you have nothing to fear
It's time to start using our brains

With a will made of iron and a heart made of stone
You know that we must take a stand
As long as we're unified, we're never alone
So let's commence the battle, c'mon White man

(Repeat Chorus)


(Repeat Chorus) x2
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