Glasses Of Water Lyrics

Willie The Kid


Lyrics to Glasses Of Water
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Well ice cold water really nice
Sipping the most on ice
Real ice up in my chain
Tonight's a mental
Blind corn of you knows the corn of you
Rubik cube can't even figure out a nigger like me
Might got you dead wrong more than prolly might be
You fly first to be...level
Fear well to all the fortune my heart spit
Maybe wanna lick me
This nigger's Tiffany Blue
Blue bands keep me good burgundy
You heard me sipping burgundy in Hamburg, Germany
Don't be ashamed, fly shamed to fly me on the rave
Bitches in they underwear the most...babe
Glasses of weather the world bring glasses
My niggers rock back to school but here became classes
Salute the real for a change call the bakers on
Celebrating on the boats till they take us out
Drink the sound till the pill stone pilling paper back
Like a sticker never stuck
True comment till they chose time of day
Spending day off the grid in the Himalayas
Lay'em off in limit
Killing bitches never fun
I need my...of fun
All of this skin...pile the Jacuzzi
Pocket full of money, crib full of floozies
I'm trying to be the black Bill Gates
Not the fresh prince but I will fill banks
TCP yeah
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