Lyrics to Glances
Glances Video:
From addiction to the memory
Of the things you've left undone.
The sorrow seems to last forever.
(so I had what I deserved)
What I deserve, what I deserve

Look in time or watch it die
And die and I
Should I slide away or stay awake (stay awake)
For today (today), for yesterday (for all my wrongs)
For what it takes (I will wait)
Just once around the sun (the sun)
I'm stuck two inches closer
To find myself
Too far to clash and too much void
To lay out in light both the shades
To sign my passage
To say a word
And she says
"Today I'm leaving without you".
A detachment I can't accept
So shine with confidence
The right is yours and I don't have
Time to complain, voice to explain so..
There's a truth that is whispered
I hold it back to go on to
A place where you were seen doing it

This is my light
I'll burst tonight
To catch your sight.
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