Givin'up Is Hard 2 Do Lyrics



Lyrics to Givin'up Is Hard 2 Do
Givin'up Is Hard 2 Do Video:
Yes, I want yall to listen close right now
Its mister europes go to jail

[verse 1:]
Its mister nobody from nowhere
Cause nobody, nowhere, gave a fuck bout this flow here
Nobody gave a hand, I through wit askin
I might never make it on covers if juice and backspinn
Its not necessary I keep it runnin, dog
Drop it legendary, I release stunning bars
?classic material? is my ?reasonable doubt?
Im sick of [x5] rap shit
Sick of this ridiculous biz lost in the game
No clue, so u slammed doors in my face
Ey, whatever, its all good, first u crawl, then pain
Makes u grow, then u learn how to walk in the rain
Caution! Fame blinds ur eyesight, quick
Everybody tries to be in the limelight, bitch
But im on my way to church like jim jones
Till my pain is gone like jackos skin tone...

Givin up is hard to do
Givin up is hard

[verse 2:]
Cant knock the hustle, cant stop the buzz, though,
Fightin my country, built a mans ?top10? muscles
Men gotta tussle, I never ran for my life
When I spit, shits raw, like bareknuckle fights
Right, I don't need no manager man
I managed myself, manage to feed my fam and my fans
See, muthafuckaz, cant understand
U cant vanish a mans stamina, damn! Im still stanin but
Sometimes it hurts crazy
I lost my love, baby, shit hurts crazy
This life is all about either/or
Either u livin rich, or u dyin poor
Im da boss of the squad, always lost in my thoughts
Dog, its all in my heart, till shits fallin apart
U never knock me out, its not gon work
Every dollar I spent, is a dollar I earned... bitch!!

Givin up is hard to do
Givin up is hard

[bridge: x3]
U might be poor, u might be rich
U cant change the fact, lifes a bitch

Givin up is hard to do
Givin up is hard
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