Giving My Pride Away Lyrics

Biermann Electric

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Lyrics to Giving My Pride Away
Giving My Pride Away Video:
you seem to point them out
when ever you can
what do those colors mean
what makes me a man

what do I have to wear
to have my style up to par
why the fuck do you care
that I don't have a nice car

Pride means a lot to me
you try to take that away
and I will fight you see
what do I have to be
to be the same as you
maybe I don't want too

why can I be more than
what I am on the outside
why can't you see me for what I've done
God knows that I have tried

you laugh and condone all those stereotypes
you ignore the cruel things you see,
you refuse to do what you think is right
you take things out on me


what the fuck makes you better
you woun't understand me never
you don't wanna listen ever
you just don't care
maybe I should change
make my hair brighter
change my eye color
maybe I should be
just what you want me to be

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