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Lyrics to Givin' Up Is Hard 2 Do
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Raptile Givin´up is hard 2 do Hook: Givin´up is hard to do, givin´up, is hard Verse 1: It´s mister nobody, from nowhere, cause nobody, nowhere, gave a fuck ´bout this flow here, nobody gave a hand, i thru wit askin´, i might never make it on covers if juice and backspin, it´s not necessary, i keep it runnin, dog, drop, it legendary, i release stunnin´bars, "classic material", is my "reasonable doubt", í´m sick of (5x)rap shit, sick of this, ridiculous, biz, lost in the game, no clue, so u, slammed doors in my face, ey, whatever,it´s all good, first u crawl, the pain, makes u grow, then u learn, how to walk, in da the rain, caution! fame, blinds ur eyesight, quit, everybody tries to be in the limelight, bitch, but i´m on my way to church like jim jones, till my pain is gone, like jackos skin tone Verse 2 can´t knock the hustle, can´t stop the buzz, though, fightin´my country, built a man´s "top10" muscles, men gotta tussle, i never ran for my life, when i spit, shit´s raw, like bareknuckle fights, right, i don´t need no manager man, i managed myself, manage to feed my fam and my fans, see, muthafuckaz, can´t undastand, u can´t vanish a man´s stamina, damn!, i´m still standin´ but, sometimes, it hurts crazy, i lost my luv, baby, shit hurts crazy, this life´s all about either/or, either u livin´rich, or u dýin´poor, i´m da boss of the squad, always lost in my thoughts, dog, it´s all in my heart, ´till shit´s fallin´appart, u never, knock me out, it´s not gon´work, every dollar i spent, is a dollar i earned...bitch!!! Bridge: u might be poor, u might be rich, u can´t change the fact, life´s a bitch

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