Lyrics to Given Road
There’s a wall on the corner of Given Road
It’s long and it’s curved and stone and old
Keeps out the sun, keeps in the cold
I just miss the one that loved me

Like the holes bored into the old ash tree
I’m not really sure what’s eating me
I compare myself to the shagbark hickory
But I just miss the one that loved me

I miss the one… I miss someone

I miss the weight of you
And the pain we used to move through
Till the clouds of our afflictions
Would break and clear

And I miss what I’m forgetting
I try not to, but I’m letting go
Of every shred of anything that held you here

I miss someone, I miss someone
I miss someone, I, I

Given time they say I’ll find
A way to ease my troubled mind
When all that lies in front of me
Are miles and miles and miles...
Of Given Road
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