Give Your Love To Be Free Lyrics

Charles Manson

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Lyrics to Give Your Love To Be Free
Give Your Love To Be Free Video:
Every time you start dreaming
or thinking in your past
you can step from this moment
and expect your happiness to last
because the illusion was in the past.

Every time you start wanting
or trying to be free
the mind is ever knowing
that one can only be.
Hey, one can only be.

If your looking you'll never find
don't try to keep up or you'll be left behind.
The joke is over take a look at the end and begin,
and begin again.

Because everything happened here for you
its all been at your hand
but don't try to build a new world
just learn to live on the land.
Come on got to live on the land.

Because you are what you look at
this whole world you can be.

Just give yourself up to your love
and give your love to be free.
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