Give You Praise Lyrics

Darwin Hobbs


Lyrics to Give You Praise
Give You Praise Video:
You, are all I need
and where You lead me, I will follow,
and, with all my heart,
I give You praise.
For life, for health and strength,
for giving peace, in midst of sorrow,
I, will lift my voice, and give You praise.

Your love, that's sent from above
has changed my night, into a thousand rainbows.
And through, Your love I've found more strength,
than I've ever known.

You are, my dwelling place,
And where you lead me, I will follow
And through the cold, and through the storm, I will give you praise

Lord, You are, my dwelling place,
my present, help
and for, these things I give, You praise;
for this I give You praise

(Thanks to Alisha for these lyrics)
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