Give Us A Happy Home Lyrics

Melinda Schneider

My Oxygen

Lyrics to Give Us A Happy Home
Give Us A Happy Home Video:
He's been wounded already in the struggle of life
Battered by a raging storm of strife
Caught in a whirl wind of heartbreak and pain
And blinded by it's driving rain
The innocent victim of crimes of the heart
He's witnessed his young world being torn apart
He can't understand why mum and dad
Have forsaken the family they had
So he whispers his prayer every evening
As he kneels by his bedside alone
Put mummy and daddy together again
And give us a happy home
Please give us a happy home
At night he could hear them in their room down the hall
The anger rang clearly through his bedroom wall
He silently listened tucked snug in his bed
To each bitter word they said
Now he and mum each have a room of their own
He see's dad on weekends and they talk on the phone
His questions need answers but all they will say
Is you'll understand why someday
Oh he tries to act just like he's a man
And hold all the hurt inside
But it's hard for a little boy to understand
Grown up reasons for goodbye
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