Lyrics to Give Up Love
Give Up Love Video:
It doesn't matter what you're told
You wanna get swept away
Violins playing
Come on kid, now
Don't you know
It never, ever comes to those
Who want a romantic scene
From a movie
Yeah, you must be joking
Give up love and you will be alright
Look away and with luck it could come out tonight
Ebb and flow
You never know which way it goes
You give it everything you have
Then it goes bad
Yeah, it breaks your bones so
Let it go
Don't worry what the poets wrote
And chuck away every last
Wish in the trash
Yeah, it makes no difference
You won't get what want
When you really want it
So forget what you want
And you just might get it
And you'll get it
Songwriters: SMITH, DANNY
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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