Give Peace A Chance (see Peace Choir) Lyrics

Lenny Kravitz

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Lyrics to Give Peace A Chance (see Peace Choir)
Give Peace A Chance (see Peace Choir) Video:
Everybody's talkin 'bout,Planet earthRebirthUnited nationsGood relationsSpace stationsStarvationRadiationSalvatioinEducationLiberationChorus:All we are saying is: "Give Peace A Chance !" Everybody's talkin' 'boutCivil warRevolutionArmageddonNo solutionAre we facingVietnamWe don't want to Drop the bombChorusEverybody's talkin 'boutAcid houseGay spouseGreen houseHeavy metalHip hop CensorshipHas to stopHivAztNew kids dance onMTVWith toxic waste dumps in the seaChorusEverybody's talkin 'bout (Cyndi's part)Amazon's (Cyndi's part)Trees gone (Cyndi's part)Cancer cellsFrom the sunMiddle east Crazy beastRock n rollersSing for peaceChorus ...

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