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My name is ... some kind like ...
I'm ... when you can't sleep and you're still up,
I get the ball and I'm like can't get a ..
You probably got strip reason to trip
I grab like ... I smile like John .. come on I'm hard ..
... no loss to ..
...ain't doing it ain't pursuing no lawsuits
I ain't suing, I know what I'm doing
Give you the ball and your life is ruined
I'm like Rasheed I remind me the spirit of Proof
I'm happy go lucky
Balling and grooving
I'm on the move
I'm smooth with it
Give me the ball, you don't know what to do with it
Shoot it in the basket your other team needs a casket
Lebron saying, don't respond
There's no back and forth
This game is little man
I play aloud and walk away just to shush the crowd
You trying to touch? Sit down

...homie that get ugly this is...
Man I don't think you ready
I get the crowd rolled up
Like a U-Haul truck just call me ...
Ain't too ... I live you to ..
Man I love this game who the hell you called up,
You need points on the paint, I'm ...
All my ... on the bank and I'm ...
Yeah baby it's true, I'm talking to you
You already know what to do
Just pass to me, it just so happens to be
That I ain't convinced
Give it to ...Prince we haven't stayed calm since
Need the ball ....

...homie that get ugly this is...
Man I don't think you ready
I said we get everybody the ball ...
I said ahh give me the ball ..
You ain't missing it Homie, hey yo ...
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