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Lyrics to Give Me All God Gave To You
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You´re a hungry and a fancy and a restless Girl.With your need for speed you think you turn the world.Your looking for trouble bring me back to the bone.Catching for breath, feels like lying under stones.Now your´re smiling in the gloomy light of your cage.My little friend awakes when you are dancing on the stage.Feeling your sweet breath, you´re driving me insane.Heaven so close, I´m working without brain.Ref.:Give me all God gave to you, girl.Birng me to the top,Give me all god gave to you, girl.Make me comin´ hotThere is something that will bring you down on my knees.What I told to you are only sad men´s fantasies.So listen to me, guys, there is a job to do.Just drop all your pants an lay hand on you.Tease me please me and put in another dime.Tare up trough the pane and I´ll make you feeling fine.Show me what you´ve got, never talking a rest.And believe me boys, I exept from you the best.Ref.:Give me all God gave to you,.......2xLyrics by Cave (c2000)Music by G-Point/ Once more

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