Lyrics to Give It Up
Give It Up Video:
jade: someday i'll let you in. treat your right. drive you out of your mind.

cat:you never met a chick like me. burn so bright.
i'm gonna make you fly.

bridge 1

both: always want what you can't have. is it so bad if you don't get what you wanted? make you feel good as i whip you into shape.



give it up . you can't win. cause i know where you been. such a shame you don't put up a fight. that's a game what we play at the end of the's the same old story but you never get it right. give it up.

come a little closer, baby, baby

jade: so stop trying to walk away. no you won't ever leave me behind.

cat: no, you better believe that i'n here to stay.
jade: that's right.

cat: cause you're the shade and i'm the sunshine.
jade: ohh

bridge 2

both: look at em boy cause i got you were i want you. isn't it so exciting. wanna shake you, wanna break you. take the back seat boy cause now i'm driving.


both: come a little closer
come a littele closer, baby, baby
come a littel closer
come a little closer, baby,baby
come a littel closer
come a little closer, baby

bridge 2


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